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LWV of Seattle-King County Education Fund is a
501 (c)(3) Charitable Organization. Tax ID: 91-1224769

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Our Mission

We are working to increase the democratic engagement of residents of King County in order to successfully implement their city’s climate action goals.
Dropping Carbon Emissions: Cities of King County have kept carbon emissions reductions flat over the last seven years, even though the population has grown. But our cities need to reduce carbon emissions dramatically to meet the targets of 50% reduction by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Cities should reach beyond informing and consulting the public to involving, collaborating and empowering the public. Through education and civic engagement, residents can help cities meet their climate goals. Only when cities implement equitable public outreach will human behaviors change, and carbon emission reduction targets be met.

Geo/City Footprint: Cities are the unit of change for reducing  carbon emissions throughout King County. The League of Women Voters of Seattle-King County shares the same geographic footprint with King County, our partner. We serve all of King County, working primarily with 20 cities where League members reside. These mostly medium and larger cities account for 75% of the carbon emissions.

How We Work

Role: Our Climate Action Guides work with their city in a customized approach to help them achieve emission reduction goals by engaging their community in democratic processes. To accomplish this, we use the Strategic Climate Action Plan and the Climate Action Toolkit published by King County in 2021.

Action: We achieve this mission by adhering to the longstanding values of the League of Women Voters:

  • Democratic, inclusive community processes to ensure grassroots ownership that motivates human behavior changes and focuses on achieving city climate goals.
  • Commitment to independent rights of each city to make local, customized climate decisions.
  • Advocacy at the state and county government levels for laws, policies, and resources that promote city climate goals.
  • A framework of climate justice and equitable access to positive climate improvements and resources.
  • A fair and transparent process for delivering evidence-based results for all.
  • A county-wide network of League activists to promote cross-sharing of promising city practices.
  • Processes to assist cities in adopting climate goals and engaging city residents to achieve them.

Watch our 2020 forum: "Regional Climate Action through Democratic Sustainability."

Take climate action from home. Learn how here!

It's not hard to make a big difference in your own home with LWVSKC's climate action tool. Easy actions at home can make a huge impact on the environment and help families save an average of $600 a year. Have fun working with other League members to make a measurable impact on climate change and create a more resilient community. Sign up today!  (Find step-by-step instructions online here, or download instructions here.)

Watch our 2022 Climate Justice forum: Down with Carbon Emissions — Up with Community Equity!

We invite you to consider these questions after you have watched the forum:
  • How can we engage with the public on climate equity issues?
  • How can LWV members interact with city leaders and programs to support pro-equity actions?
  • What are effective communication methods and approaches to support cities in outreach to vulnerable populations and communities?
  • What groups or people do you know who are working on climate in King County?&nsbp How might we collaborate to scale up our education and engagement efforts?
  • Would you be interested in gathering your utility data (electricity and gas use) to profile your carbon and determine actions that will make a difference with a climate guide? Our new climate tool will allow you to do just that!
A list of resources mentioned in this forum is available here.

Committee Members

Founder of City Climate Action Committee: MAK Mitchell

“Cities are the unit of change for dropping carbon emissions, but only when their residents are democratically engaged.”


Chair of City Climate Action Committee: Callie A. Ridolfi

Vice Chair of City Climate Action Committee: Jerri Gordan



Shoreline: Lee Keim, Climate Action Guide

“I believe that working at the city grassroots level is where I can best inform, empower and prepare my community for a future affected by climate change.


Kirkland: Susan Vossler, Climate Action Guide

“I am a climate action guide because I want to see Kirkland’s SMP succeed, making Kirkland a leader in reducing emissions.”


Enumclaw: Cathy Dormaier, Co-Climate Action Guide and
Marion Jensen, Co-Climate Action Guide

"As Enumclaw’s Climate Guides, we hope to support our city council and help our citizens know the actions they can take to ensure the successful implementation of Enumclaw’s climate goals.”


Issaquah and Sammamish: Jerri Gordon, Climate Action Guide

My guiding principle: "I believe that the residents of a city are the "roots" in the term "grassroots change.”

Mercer Island: Callie A. Ridolfi, Climate Action Guide

“With respect for each other and care for the earth, we partner with our City to inform citizens and act on climate to reduce our emissions. Together we CAN!”

Bellevue: Cathy O’Shea, Climate Action Guide


Bothell: Ann Aagard, Climate Action Guide


Carnation and Duvall: Marty Gibbons, Climate Action Guide


Federal Way: Cindy and Mark Piennette, Climate Action Guides

Kenmore: Vicky Grayland, Climate Action Guide


Lake Forest Park: Sarah Philips, Climate Action Guide


Redmond: Katie Pratt, Climate Action Guide


Renton: Kim Khanh Van, Climate Action Guide


Woodinville: Barb Scavezze, Climate Action Guide